itunes2rhythm – an iTunes to Rhythmbox converter

I was extremely happy when Windows died on me, because then I got to do what I wanted to do for a long time – run a *nix again. I decided on an XP/Ubuntu dual boot, which worked like a dream (Ubuntu is so amazing, especially compared to 7 years ago).

A couple of days in, I wanted to import my music information from my windows partition into Rhythmbox, the Ubuntu music player. This was surprisingly frustrating, and the closest thing I found was an orphaned (?) python script here. Unfortunately, it did not do the main thing I desired, which was to grab my 200+ iTunes playlists that I didn’t want to remake, so I decided to write the functionality into the aforementioned file. I also cleaned up the code a tiny bit. I put the result up at Google Code here:

It still has many flaws (it is too dumb to deal with bad filenames, the code for putting in other playlists besides those from iTunes is amateurish, etc.), so it is nothing more than a hack right now (but it works!). I doubt I will work on it anymore, so I’ll put it here in case anyone else can find some use for it (or improve upon it, which is highly welcome).



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