I care a lot about teaching, both as a skill to develop and as an important human activity. I am lucky to have it as part of my job. I am generally interested in skills connected to teaching, such as psychology, metacognition, the skill of learning skills, communication, and mentorship.

My teaching style and philosophy owe mainly to two great teachers: my mother and Sanjoy Mahajan. However, much of what I learned is from talking to other people. If you can teach me about teaching, let me know – I would be grateful.

University teaching history:


I am one of the co-organizers and instructors of SPARC, a different kind of summer camp for mathematically talented high school youth. I helped run it every summer in the period 2012 – 2018. I am now SPARC Director.

I was a SPARC “ambassador” and instructor at EuroSPARC 2016, a program inspired by SPARC.

Other teaching-related activities:

  • I was a mentor at the first two years of MIT PRIMES. Mentees: Ziv Scully (chip-firing) and Aaron Klein (adinkras, graded posets).
  • I mentored for RSI after being a participant back in 2002 (wow I’m old). Mentees: Damien Jiang (chip-firing) and Martin Camacho (posets).
  • For math olympiad problem solving, I was an instructor/grader at the 2006 Math Olympiad Summer Program (MOSP) and the 2010 IDEA Math program.