Yan X Zhang’s Academic Page


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This is the academic webpage of Yan Zhang (I publish under Yan X Zhang). I received my Ph. D. in mathematics at MIT under Richard Stanley in June 2013. I just finished my Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor position at UC Berkeley. I am now an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at San Jose State University.

  • Research: I do research in a variety of problems related to combinatorics, usually with a classic enumerative / algebraic bent (involving linear algebra and generating functions). Most of my work is interdisciplinary bridge-building, studying discrete mathematical structures that come from other fields such as physics, biology, and social science. For a list of my research (including talks), please see the Research page.
  • Teaching / Mentoring: I think a lot about teaching and mentoring, both in and outside my university teaching context. For some thoughts on teaching and a list of my teaching-related activities, please see the Teaching page.

Recent Updates:

  • (2/2017) Put Convex Neural Codes in Dimension 1 (with Zvi Rosen) on the ArXiV.
  • (1/2017) I’m teaching Discrete Mathematics (Math 42) and Graph Theory (Math 179) at SJSU.
  • (9/2016) I just started teaching at SJSU for the fall semester. I am teaching two courses: Discrete Mathematics (Math 42) and Combinatorics (Math 142).
  • (8/2016) I just came back from EuroSPARC and SPARC (see Teaching page for information on these programs). Whew!

Contact / Misc:

Please send

  • mathematics-related email to yan.x.zhang (snail thing) sjsu.edu, and
  • personal email to yanzhang (snail thing) post.harvard.edu.

In general, I prefer face-to-face meetings. I’m based in San Francisco.

I founded and (very!) occasionally contribute to: Concrete Nonsense, a group blog with some math on it.

For non-academic things, please see my About Me (personal) page.