Inner Demonologues 2-4, Fields and Flows 2

Happy new year! For those of you in NYC, it was lots of fun seeing you. =) Several people requested I follow through on fighting inner demonologues and other insecurities. Several other people requested that I “build” on earlier material in general, so I’ll start off by making a continuation to this topic that will basically dominate this WYL.

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Inner Demonologues, Ingroup Responsibility, Service, Fields and Flow

I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving! Some people wondered about the headers – I was just having some fun thinking of ways of portraying the context:

  • Idea/Phrase Painting: I’m trying to paint a new idea (at least to myself – no idea is totally new), either original or new packaging.
  • Mentality Massaging: means I’m taking an idea coined by someone else already and then thinking / wrestling with it.
  • Learning from Mistakes: self-explanatory
  • Skill Harvest: this means I’m trying to grab multiple ideas from whatever skill I’m learning at the moment..
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